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New Release "Internal Renovation" by Precious love

RELEASED Aug. 21, 2020!!!

"This music is representative of a season in my life where I was actually finishing up seminary and beginning a new journey. My life had taken many unexpected turns but I was determined that if I were to lose everything, I was not letting anyone take my faith in God from me. It is a miracle that I am alive now to be sharing this small project with the world, so I give all glory to God for it and hope to bring more music behind it."


~ Precious Love

Nephew OD's

Light Work EP

This personal project by Nephew OD that combines the old school with the new school to create a very classic hip-hop vibe that appeals to all. As you listen, you can connect with Nephew OD through his music and enjoy his confidence and his wordplay. 

This extended play album is available on all streaming platforms and for download also at this link.


"I came in to have some pre-recorded vocals mixed. The project came out Amazing! Thank you again so much! JWP is a very knowledgeable, and professional studio that offers OUTSTANDING QUALITY!"

— S'Burban Bred, Producer


“There is a great vibe in the atmosphere. specifically the producers are very friendly and inspiring, and they made me want to possibly come back."

— KW, Artist