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I made 90s Jam recently, but the Arabic one is from 2012. See if you can hear the difference. Be blessed fam. ~Precious Love

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Circle of Faith featured Precious Love on releases "Hardships", "Obsession Rejection", and the Spanish translation, "Obsesion y Rechazos". Support the ministry with a listen on YouTube and Spotify! Here is the link to the exclusive website for the album "20 and 5".

Guys, my favorite is the verse on Hardships, and the Spanish version song.... That was like, forever for me to get right, as you know it isn't my first language!!! I hope that you really enjoy this! ~Precious Love

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Check out this hot new vibe with Precious Love and Nephew OD. Taking a chance with a new love song about the chance you take with love. Hope you like this wealth of wisdom packed into a solid 48 bars.

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