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Welcome to allpreciouslove.com

Precious Love is a Gospel singer who is passionate for the Lord and enjoys singing, songwriting, producing and audio engineering. 

She is an entrepreneur and owner and co-founder of Just Works Productions.

She produces her own original music, and audio engineers for her team including Nephew OD.


Releasing songs

"Connection" in 2018,

Aftermath" in 2019,

and "Power" in 2019,

as well as the mixtape "The Proclamation" in 2018,

the two have been growing in skill and knowledge.


Her work includes songs with

Mad Styles Productions in 1999 and

birthing of Divine Change Productions and

3 projects with the group Catalysts 4 Christ from 2007 to 2012.

She engineered the Nephew OD EP "Light Work" EP released June 2020, Catalysts 4 Christ Kingdom Agenda Vol. 1, 2, & 3, the "Provocation" EP,  "I Can't Lose feat. QB", "Internal Renovation" EP, "Make It Count", and "Everything."

Precious Love desires to spread the love of Christ Jesus our Lord, and will continue to do as much as possible for God until the last day comes.

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Just Works Productions

Just Works Productions is an independent label/music recording studio in South Georgia. Nephew OD's "Light Work EP" was released by JWP on July 26th, 2020.


Just Works Productions YouTube Channel is shown below so please visit and subscribe for new releases.


The epic artist Nephew OD can be contacted at www.NephewOD.com.

OD Video
OD Video

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Light Work EP Album Artwork
Light Work EP Album Artwork

Light Work EP Album Artwork

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Internal Renovation
Internal Renovation

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OD Video
OD Video

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Catalysts 4 Christ

Catalysts 4 Christ, a Christian rap/worship group with Precious, WG, TC, and LGK, breaks down the scriptures in a poetic format that is not short of the power of God. Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, all of this music is intended to make it easier for faith to come by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Once you listen to it, you will know what it means. Check it out.