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Wow KJ!!! 200 Subscribers Video :)

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Entertainment at its best… is you being yourself when you’re expected to… be yourself! Haha!!! Congratulations KJ and thanks to all who support him on his YouTube Channel “The Happy Hummy” as he was graced with 305 subs as of today, and has been rejoicing since he got to 200. So much so, that he started a “thank you” video when it happened, and then 3 months later, is now releasing it. Better late than never though.

KJ and Keziah go out to do a list of pranks for the celebration video, and near the end, a strange twist….

If you enjoy their work, please, subscribe too if you haven’t already. These young geniuses are working on the scripts for their next project, and definitely want you to be a part of it, so prepare for more Fun from the team! Here is the link to the video. Hope you enjoy it!


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