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New Single by Precious Love “Power” feat. Nephew OD

The power that comes from faith is so deep that it is unimaginable. Opening our eyes to that

is the reason for songs like these, to avoid the commonplace life of doubt and anguish. Precious Love originally wrote this song in 2008 but decided to re-spin this because its potency hasn’t changed. Here are some of the lyrics:

“Do I need to fear? No. Aggressively, No! I abide in His shadow and I have no, perfection, I’m the, exception, by His, direction, I’m in protection. I exalt Christ, why should I fear for my life I’m a bright light why should I run from their sight? Gotta infiltrate, I create tension and release blessings. Reason for my hope? I can answer these questions…..”

Precious Love is planning to do a full album of music that talks about faith so you gotta stay tuned. The album is in the making currently, and there will be a few singles before the release. To keep up with Precious Love, follow her on Instagram @allpreciouslove or Facebook at

Click here to listen to “Power” on Spotify And don’t forget to follow Precious Love on Spotify for more music

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